This has to been one of the longest commercials I’ve seen; certainly the longest Fanta commercial I’ve ever seen.

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O, May I Shine

Stars, O how you shine.

Despite war, famine, poverty, O how you shine

Economies collapse, marriages fail, loved ones die,

Still, O how shine.

You shine because that’s what you were made to do.

You shine because doing so praises the one who created you.

You shine because you reflect the glory of the creator.

Lord, O how you shine.

Despite my failures, doubt, questions, O how you shine.

Sins return, pride grows, faith becomes weak,

Still, O how you shine

You shine because of who you are.

You shine because you have eyes like fire, and are crowned with many crowns.

You shine because you are the lamb that was slain; the one who redeemed us by you blood.

O, May I shine like the stars for you!

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"I’m a man. I can change. If I have to… I guess."

That was the creed of the Possum Lodge on Canadian TV’s The Red Green Show. I loved watching that show. It was a show that focused on how we men are so different from the fairer sex. And that can be a good thing. I think that too often we downplay the differences between men and women because we think they’re detrimental to society. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Yes, there can be things that lead to sexism, inequality, etc. but when our differences are given proper outlets they can actually be a benefit.

One of those outlets for men is having a man-space; someplace that he can run to and have time alone with himself and his buddies. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; often times it’s just a garage or a local bar. But we need that time as explained in this short 4 minute TED-talk.

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The Candy Shop from Whitestone Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

I’m back after being in Michigan for the wedding of my friends. It was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful weekend; too short though! After watching the wedding ceremony I’ve been thinking about marriage alot lately. I’ve been thinking about what marriage actually is; what it symbolizes and what its purpose is. 

So today after browsing the blog world I came across this video called The Candy Shop. The video was made by a group of people in Atlanta with the purpose to spread awareness and create action concerning child sex trafficking. Atlanta is the #1 city in the U.S. for child sex trafficking and #10 in the world. I know its a big problem in my home state of Oklahoma as well. So Whitestone Motion Pictures teamed up with the organization Street Grace, and with 12Stone Church to make this video parable. I want to say that the VIDEO IS NOT GRAPHIC. It is a parable and while the content matter can be graphic the video itself is safe for all ages to watch. 

After seeing this I thought about the differences between child sex trafficking, pornography, and marriage. The former is about selfishly satisfying one’s one desires at the cost of another. It’s about buying the lie that my own life is most important. It cares not for others and it often damages the most frail of us all: children. It steals their innocence and destroys any trust they have for others. It ruins their lives.

Marriage is the opposite of this. It’s about sacrificing your own wants and desires for the welfare and good of another. Its about providing for another, often times at your expense. Its about trusting in the most vulnerable of situations. Instead of taking from another it says, “My life is now yours and will be until we part through death. My life is no longer my own”.

We should pray for those involved in child sex trafficking and pornography. We should pray for both the children involved and the offenders; both are in desperate need of help. We need to cease to believe the lies that sexual addictions speak and humbly and constantly implore God for His grace and help.

The last thing I thought of, and want to mention to you, is how God must feel about this. Anyone of us who has a daughter, sister, or any female friend that we love knows how angry we can get when someone mistreats and abuses them. Why do we so often forget that God feels this way more than we ever could. These are His daughters, His creation that He lovingly adores. And those men who do these vile things are His creation also, and He desires that they love and protect His daughters, as He does. I cannot begin to understand the intense heartbreak and anger He must feel at this. Its a very scary thought to consider.

Tomorrow (I hope) I’ll have a much cheerier post about marriage. Good night y’all!

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Out of town

I’ll be heading out of town this weekend for a friend’s wedding so I won’t be posting until Monday. Have a wonderful weekend.

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Summer Cookouts

What is it about cooking meat over a fire that makes summer so much fun? You don’t even need an expensive grill to have a good time. Some people have huge grills which look more like Optimus Prime from the Transformers movie than the dinky Weber grill my brother owns. But when it’s summer time that doesn’t seem to matter. 

My brother Tim and his two roommates had one of these cookouts yesterday after church. Like I said it wasn’t anything fancy, just some burgers and hot-dogs and good friends. And it was a blast.

Of course I know that the reason I had a great time wasn’t the food; it was the people. I haven’t spent much time with my friends lately and that’s my fault not theirs. After work I feel so tired that I’d rather lay on the couch and watch TV instead of driving to my friends house and spending time there. And that’s one of the biggest knock’s against the iGeneration; we’d rather spend time alone with technology than in the company of others. 

We, as human beings, need to interact with other humans. We were created that way; we crave that social aspect of life. And for all the benefits the internet, and facebook, and blogs, yes I realize that there is some hypocrisy here ;-), there is also danger when we misuse them. 

So for the rest of the summer I’m going to try and make it a priority to attend more “summer cookouts”. 

P.S. Thanks to my brother and his roommates for a great time and the inspiration for this post. 

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Am I having a mid-life crisis?

I read two articles this week about topics I had never heard of before. One article spoke about the increase in what is being referred to as “The Quarter-life Crisis”. The other, covered the Stockdale Paradox. Both very interesting, and both very relevant to my generation.

A Quarter-life crisis is exactly what it sounds like; its a mid-life crisis only it happens to those in their 20’s. It has the same symptoms of a mid-life crisis and it is becoming readily acknowledged by mental health professionals as a source of anxiety and depression in our generation. We, as young adults, are struggling in a tough job market, we feel slighted when we don’t get to use the education we paid and studied for, our desire for marriage and children, and an overall insecurity about our future. Basically we want meaning in our lives, we want something we can become passionate about and that uses our skills and knowledge, and we want to feel comfortable. 

I know I can’t speak for everyone my age but I do see this happening. In fact, I was talking to a friend this week who was experiencing this exact thing. My friend is a college graduate who is currently working two part-time jobs while he waits for a job in the federal government. There are few openings with many applicants and he’s been passed over several times for a position. He knows that he doesn’t want to work his whole life at the jobs he has now but he doesn’t see a way to do that. 

So what’s there to do about this?

That’s were the second article I read comes into play. It doesn’t work as a cure all but it does provide some good advice on how to push ahead until this season of life passes. 

The Stockdale paradox is named after a retired Navy admiral who spent nine years in the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam as a prisoner of war. Since then he’s been to source of countless interviews all asking how he could survive the imprisonment and torture and not go crazy in the process. Here’s what he had to say about it, 

"This is a very important lesson. You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end,   which you can never afford to lose, with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

As Admiral Stockdale did, we must acknowledge that yeah life sucks right now. It’s hard and we can’t seem to catch a break. But you know what…in the end I’m going to make it. I’m going to put in my time and it will pay off. I’m going to be relentless. And I’m going to have faith that God in his sovereignty has given me these experiences for a reason. 

So while that doesn’t answer all my questions I think it’s a good way to view life’s ups and downs. And hey…this will also make us better prepared second time around when mid-life hits.

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If you spend any considerable amount of time driving these days there are bound to be certain things that simply infuriate you. It’s that way with me. In the last nine years as a licensed driver in the state of Oklahoma I’ve seen my fair share of idiots on the road. After seeing one of these “idiots” on my way to work this morning I thought I’d share my pet peeves of driving.

  • People who leave their turn signal on. Let’s be honest if you aren’t aware enough to notice that your blinker has been on for the last 10 miles you probably shouldn’t be operating a 1,000 pound piece of steel that’s hurtling through traffic.
  • Hummer, Ranger Rovers, huge pick-up trucks etc. We’re not off-roading in the Amazon jungle; you don’t need a car that requires a ladder to get into to drive through midtown.
  • Drivers who cut in line. If there is a lane which is at a standstill and the one next to it is completely open it’s probably that way for a reason. My guess is that the lane ends for construction or the like and you need to merge. MERGE NOW! Don’t speed past your fellow motorists only to cut them off at the end of the road. That’s a good way to get the finger or worse.
  • Old people…okay maybe not all of them but there are definitely some who should be considered armed and dangerous when behind the wheel.
  • THE SHOULDER IS NOT A TURN LANE!!! That’s all I will say about that.
  • And lastly, if you want to help cut back on global warming, improve your gas mileage or simply save the wear-and-tear on your engine by driving slower than the speed limit that’s fine. More power to you. But don’t do it in the fast lane. That will force me to ride your bumper until you speed up or change lanes out of fear. Thank you.

Have a pleasant motoring experience,


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Blast from the Past.

It’s been a busy week so I thought I’d post a journal entry I wrote in 2007. Sort of travelling back into time and seeing what was on my mind then. Enjoy.

Tonight was a beautiful night. I spent the end of my night outside on my parents back porch. It was one of those crisp, cool winter nights that I love. The sky was clear with the millions of stars surrounding the full moon. I loved it. I need to back track a little though.

This week has been hard for me. I’ve been in a sort of spiritual funk you might say. I’ve been neglecting reading my bible and my quiet time with God has been non-existant. I take all the blame for this too, I’ve made excuses for myself and my actions which as of late have been less than Christ like. It really hit me today. In the rush and hub-bub( thats right, I used that word, whether it is a word or not!) of the Christmas season I finally had enough. I needed to do something. 

So I read my bible then headed outside for some alone time. God spoke to me for the first time in what felt like and eternity. What I heard was a mixture. I see God act in my life in different roles. For instance I see God act in my life as a protecter, a father, a friend. I know he acts in all these ways but at times certain ones seem to stick out. Tonight I heard the father, the stern father warning me that if I wanted to continue down the path I was headed he would let me but that he was concerned more with my holiness than my happiness and he wouldn’t have a problem disciplining me. Next came another side of the father, the kind that picks me up and carries me. Looking at the moon tonight I thought of the star that lead those men over 2000 years ago to Jesus. I thought about how Mary held Jesus in her arms and how he now holds me in his arms telling me that he still loved me and that nothing would change that. Then the final side of my father appeared tonight telling me that it was time to act like a man. I’m not a little kid anymore and I shouldn’t act like one. I’m called to emulate him, its time that I did. Its time to put off childish things. This new year hopefully I will. 

On this still, silent night God reminded me that when everything goes away. When the holidays and jobs and school. When the problems and things of this universe pass away I’m left with God. A God who loves me. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a wondeful year. I love you all and you have been great friends to me. 

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